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The purpose of this survey is to get your feedback on the recent migration to Zanata and how you have found Zanata so far.
We hope to use this information to better understand the Fedora community's translation needs and goals, and ensure Zanata is the best tool to fulfil them.
How did you first hear about the Zanata migration? *

How did you feel the migration from Transifex to Zanata went?


How happy have you been with responses to your queries or doubts? *

How many times have you used Zanata since the migration? *

How has your experience with Zanata been since the migration? *

If you could change one thing about Zanata what would it be and why?

What do you find most frustrating about Zanata?

What do you like best about Zanata?

Which features are critical to your work?

How likely is it that you would recommend Zanata to a friend or colleague? *

Any other comments about Zanata or the migration you would like to share?

Please select which areas of the Fedora project your are involved with: *

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